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Multi Cake Mix

A truly versatile mix that can produce cake and much more! From unit cakes to cake bars, muffins, brownies and Swiss rolls. It can even make cookies and doughnuts!
Multi Cake Mix

Recipe (Muffins)

Multi Cake Mix 1 200 100
Vegetable oil 750 63
Whole egg 700 58
Choc chunks \ fruit (optional) 400 33
Total batter weight* 3 050

*30 muffins scaled at 100g


Mix all ingredients (except for the optional additions) for 1 minute slow and 3 minutes medium speed
Deposit into muffin cases
Bake at 200°c for 21-23 minutes (approx) (use some steam)
Cool in the cases

Product Weight / Volume Code
Multi Cake Mix 12.5kg bag 71001