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Zeelandia unveils the Zeenut!

Nick Harrison, Technical Sales Manager at Zeelandia has created a version of the popular American doughnut/croissant concept, the Zeenut!
Zeelandia unveils the Zeenut!

Nick Harrison, the Zeenut creator with a plate of the sweets treats

Nick has had a lot of past experience in making Danish pastries and doughnuts which he said really helped in the development of the zeenut. 

Caroline Ratcliffe, Marketing Execuitve at Zeelandia said " There is strong demand for indulgent and attractively decorated bakery products so there is certainly mileage in this product." 

The Zeenut is produced in the same way as a croissant with laminated pastry using Exakt Zest before being deep-fried. Nick Harrison said " Results so far have been highly successful and we have produced a video to show bakers how to make these delicious treats."


Check out our video demonstrating the making of a Zeenut:

 For a copy of the Zeenut recipe or for more details, please email marketing@zeelandia.co.uk