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Brioche Complete

Easy to use and great for ‘posh dogs’ and gourmet burgers with a delicious buttery flavour, very short bite, wonderfully soft crumb with countless processing possibilities.
Brioche Complete


kg grms %
Brioche Complete 3 000 100
Yeast 240 8
Water 1 250 42
Total dough weight 4 490



> Mix all the ingredients to a well developed dough (Suggest 2 slow and 6 fast on a spiral mixer)

> A dough temperature of 27°c is recommended

> Scale the dough to 60g for hot dog rolls and burger buns

> Rest dough for 10 minutes under cover

> Mould and pin as required ( Suggest 12cm long finger rolls and 10cm diameter burger buns)

> Tray up 6x4 for burger buns 8x4 for hot dog rolls on a standard 400mm/ 600mm baker’s tray

> Glaze rolls with Zeelandia Ovex rtu glaze, before proof

> Prove for 40 minutes +/- at 35°c 80% rH

> Bake at 215°c for deck ovens for 15 minutes +/-


Bakers Tips:

Process dough efficiently to avoid skinning

Knock trays after baking to prevent shrinkage

Decorate with seeds or grains as desired

Product Weight / Volume Code
Brioche Complete 12.5kg bag 38695