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We are deeply shocked by the war in Ukraine.

At Zeelandia, we watch the developing war in Ukraine with great concern. We are saddened to see a humanitarian crisis unfold for ordinary citizens. We believe that peace and rule of law are the greatest goods for humanity and communities to thrive.


Since 1900, Zeelandia has been supplying bakeries in countries around the world with ingredients for bakers to offer bread and pastry to people in their communities. That is what we believe in.


Arenda and Andriy Vasylenko, our Managing Director at Zeelandia Ukraine, started Bake4Ukraine through which fresh bread and soup is made locally and handed out for free to the people in need in Kyiv.

Zeelandia supports Bake4Ukraine by making its facilities and raw materials available so that together with volunteers of bakery 21.3 they can make this happen for as long as is needed and is possible.

Bake4Ukraine needs all the help it can get.
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Bake4Ukraine handing out bread