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About <strong>Zeelandia</strong>
About Zeelandia

Founded in 1900 by the Dutch Doeleman family and still headquartered in Zierikzee (Netherlands), Zeelandia has become a global player in the bakery ingredients business.

Explore <strong>Flemings Zeelandia</strong>
Explore Flemings Zeelandia

Flemings Zeelandia are experts in sweet fillings and toppings, putting the jam in people’s doughnuts, the mincemeat in their pies, the caramel in their biscuits and the jelly in their strawberry tarts.


We are continually exploring consumer markets, therefore, we know which products the market desires.

Our <strong>Mission</strong> and <strong>Vision</strong>
Our Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision focus on quality, innovation, inspiration and service, helping our customers succeed within the market.

Our <strong>Customers</strong>
Our Customers

Together with our customers we explore the world of bakery. We focus on industrial bakeries and small and mid-sized bakeries.

<span>Our <strong>Partners</strong></span>
Our Partners

We are proud to be members of key bakery and food industry bodies.