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Our Customers

Together with our customers we explore the world of bakery.

All our customers have one thing in common: they care about good bakery products. We share their passion and strive to meet their specific requirements. To make them more successful, we focus on: Help-to-Produce; expertise in processes, ingredients and product concepts. Help-to-Sell; supporting clients with tailor-made solutions to help them sell their bakery goods. Innovation; turning new trends into specific products and technologies. We develop bakery concepts and solutions for industrial, small and mid-sized bakeries. 

Why artisanal bakeries choose Zeelandia:

  • Zeelandia helps to produce, sell and manage
  • International smart solutions to inspire local craftmanship and competitive edge
  • Inventive ideas enable to actualize product range
  • Streamlining baking processes to help save costs and efforts to create bakery success.

Our Customers