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At Zeelandia UK, our bakery experts work closely with craft and industrial bakeries to give technical support and recipe inspiration. Our new Bakers Inspiration hub will help you keep on top of the latest market Insight, read about the new Solutions our global technical team has developed for a wide range of challenges facing the craft and industrial bakery sectors and find out the latest Sustainability initiatives we have invested in, to benefit our customers and local communities.


Using the latest market insight and the creativity and knowledge of our product development team we are dedicated to helping our customers to capitalise on the latest global bakery trends, to attract new consumers and ensure profitable business growth.

Zeelandia UK explores the<b> 2024 Doughnut Trends</b>
Zeelandia UK explores the 2024 Doughnut Trends

The Zeelandia UK team explores the latest trends in Doughnut bakery, and why the traditional jam-filled classics are still so popular amongst food service, craft and industrial bakers.

<span>Examining<strong> Hot Cross Bun trends </strong>and the <strong>2024 Easter Bakery Market</strong></span>
Examining Hot Cross Bun trends and the 2024 Easter Bakery Market

Our bakers conduct an in-depth taste panel review of the 2024 hot cross bun market, covering updates to the traditional recipe as well as new innovations in flavour and recipe


Harnessing the expertise of our Bakers in the UK and across the globe, we can help you develop innovative products using the latest ingredient technology which will bring operational benefits and drive cost-efficiency improvements.

<b>Add value </b>with commercial<b> </b>Bakery Fillings
Add value with commercial Bakery Fillings

Explore a world of Zeelandia's bakery fillings, including Jams, Curds, Jellies, Caramel, Mincemeat, Fruit Fillings and Custard.

Collaborative efforts drive<strong> Innovation with purpose for Industrial Bakers</strong>
Collaborative efforts drive Innovation with purpose for Industrial Bakers

NPD Manager Andy Taylor discusses how Zeelandia UK drives innovation with purpose for Industrial bakers


Highlighting the latest CSR and sustainability initiatives of the Royal Zeelandia Group and the positive impacts this has for the UK bakery sector and our customers.

<strong><span>Carlex</span><span> Release Agent Spray</span></strong><span> to see</span><span> </span><span>65</span><span>% plastic reduction </span>
Carlex Release Agent Spray to see 65% plastic reduction 

Carlex and Ovam aerosol cans will feature a newly designed cap made with a 65% reduction in plastic.   

<strong>Inspiring </strong>the next generation of young bakers
Inspiring the next generation of young bakers

At Zeelandia UK, we are committed to supporting the development of young bakers. 

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Together with our customers we explore the world of bakery. Thinking differently, we find inventive ways to create bakery success. We inspire our customers with ingredients and better ways to bake, manage and sell.

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