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Cone Cakes

Cone Cakes
Ingredients Grams %
Multi Cake Mix 600g 100
Whole Egg 360g 58
Vegetable oil 300g 50
Water 40g 6.5



Mix the batter at low speed for 2-3 minutes until it is well combined

Place Cone Cake cases firmly into Cone Cake baking tray.

Fill approximately 60g into each Cone Cake case (up to the level of the baking tray)

Setting Deck Oven 

Temp. 170-180° C 

Time approx. 25 min without steam 

Setting rack-oven 

Temp. 140-150° C 

Time approx. 30-40 min without steam


Baker’s tip:

 An optimised shape can be reached by adding some buttered crumbles or sugar nibs on the top of the cone cakes before baking