Ingredients Kg Grams %
Cake Doughnut Mix 1 000 100
Water 1 000 100
Total: 2 000
Yield: 44 pancakes @ 45g


  • Mix all ingredients together for 2 minutes on slow speed and 2 minutes on second speed using a flat beater. (Hobart type mixer)
  • Ideal batter temperature of 25°C
  • Rest batter for 10 minutes covered.
  • Set hotplate temperature to 160-170°C
  • Deposit pancakes at 45g drop weight (approx)
  • Cook for 1 minute each side (approx)



  • Additions such as fruit/ chocolate chips/ nuts should be added while the first side of the pancake is cooking.
  • Press pancake onto the hotplate when flipped over, to ensure even browning.
  • Cool on a wire rack to stop the pancake from sinking.