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About Flemings Zeelandia

This unique business is built on firm foundations. Fleming Zeelandia feed the bakery and confectionery needs which other suppliers don’t, whipping up top-quality products that meet customer demands and consumers’ changing needs.

Flemings Zeelandia innovates, reacting quickly to its customers’ needs, and has access to the latest research and locally-based technology – all supported by the world-class resources of the Zeelandia Group.

Flemings Zeelandia are proud of its stringent processes, standards and checks – and have the accreditations to prove it. The business is all about the customer. It strives to maintain customer loyalty and is constantly improving its levels of service, monitoring its performance on every single customer account.

More than 150 years in the business brings with it considerable expertise. The business is delighted in passing that knowledge and passion to its customers.

About Flemings Zeelandia