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Spelt and Carrot Cake

Our great tasting new mix offers an exciting twist on the traditional carrot cake. Spelt provides a wholesome taste and for convenience the carrots are already included!
Spelt and Carrot Cake


Spelt & Carrot Cake mix 1 000 100
Whole egg 500 50
Vegetable oil 450 45
Water 150 15
Total batter weight 2 100


Combine eggs, water and oil for 1 minute on slow speed with the flat beater

Add the Spelt and Carrot Cake mix and mix for 4 minutes on slow speed

Rest for 25 minutes to rehydrate the carrot

Deposit as required

Bake at 165c for 30 minutes (approx)

Product Weight / Volume Code
Spelt and Carrot Cake 12.5kg bag 70005