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In continuous use for more than 80 years! Carlo offers a high and consistent performance and can be applied to either cold or hot tins. This product is available in a wide range of pack sizes to suit your individual requirements.

Ovex Powder ZK

This powder based mix is ideal for glazing all types of confectionery and savoury products Based on a ‘clean label’ formulation it is designed to be an alternative to egg and is versatile in use as cost and performance can be controlled by adjusting the level of added water.

Ovex Glaze RTU

A ready to use UHT glaze, ideal for all types of confectionery and savoury products. It provides a high gloss and good depth of shine. Simply apply before baking.

Mixed Seed Dressing

A ready to use mix of oat flakes, linseed, sesame seeds and sunflower kernels for the decoration of bread and roll products.

Corn Dressing

Ready to use extruded corn for the decoration of bread, rolls and other baked goods. A perfect partner for Fiesta Corn.

Vero Extra

Ideal for the production of high quality pound cake and Victoria sponges.

Cake Doughnut NA

Just add water to produce a batter that can be deposited by either manual or automated systems. A short fry time and low fat absorption mean that these donuts are both tasty and economic to produce.

Doughnut 50

A 50% doughnut concentrate suitable for the production of all, ring and finger doughnuts.

Doughnut Complete

A premium quality 100% mix ideal for the production of 'Berliner' style, ball, ring and finger doughnuts.

American Donut

A 100% mix for the production of American style doughnuts. It can be processed by moulding, sheeting or extruding.

Quicklift White

A cake emulsifier which provides excellent volume and a fine, light and moist texture. This is suitable for 'all in method' batters.


An enriched fat which provides additional volume and softness to all fermented goods. Particularly suitable for white bread and soft rolls.

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