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Roma Cold Classic

Premium cold set custard mix. An iconic product to many bakers and produced only using Full Cream milk powder, the taste and texture of this custard is truly luxurious. Suitable for piping or filling, its firm and cut-able texture makes it perfect for the production of custard slices.

Exakt Zest

High yields and excellent process tolerance are just two of the attributes of this well established premium sweet dough concentrate. We add specially selected natural flavours to produce a ‘Zesty’ taste and aroma, meaning consumer appeal is virtually guaranteed.

Exakt Ciabatta

A 20% concentrate for the production of the traditional Italian bread. This produces a light textured product with an open crumb, distinctive flavour and a crisp crust.


A 100% mix for the production of a multi-grain bread with added health benefits. Prokorn is high in calcium, fibre and provides a source of iron. It contains a delicious mix of linseeds, sunflower, maize and bran. Prokorn is suitable for the production of loaves, subs and rolls.

Exakt Soft

A general purpose concentrate for the production of soft rolls, baps etc. Formulated to produce a fine and white crumb, with excellent softness.

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