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For Consumers

Our commitment to
our consumers

We take responsibility for the quality and nutritional value of our products, reflecting the latest insights into the impact of food products on consumer health.

Our focus is on offering a variety of ingredients, products, and recipes to help create joyful moments. We give bakeries - large and small - the opportunity to serve their customers both with indulgent products and healthier alternatives.


Our ambition:

  • To keep developing and launching healthier solutions that support consumers in their choice for a healthier lifestyle.
  • To improve our products nutritional profile by adding fibers, creating gluten-free options, reducing sugar content, and replacing ingredients perceived as unhealthy.
  • To ensure that by 2025, 50% of Zeelandia Group products launched each year meet the criteria of our Better for consumers portfolio.

Consumer Health & Well-being

When asked which ingredients are their main concern when it comes to pursuing a healthy diet*, consumers in several EU markets indicated that sugar and additives are top of mind. 

Our Better for Consumers roadmap addresses those concerns. For example, we launched Nativa, a new range of pastry ingredients with reduced sugar content and minimal use of additives.

Our commitment to people's health & well-being, in this case, is a commitment to delivering healthier ingredients. We are confident that, by 2025, our 'Better for Consumers' portfolio will account for at least 50% of group product launches.

*based on a study conducted by Zeelandia Group

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Market Trends

Connecting with experts in different fields keeps our innovation and product development up to date. In 2022 we joined forces with a partner that specializes in gluten-free technology, to support us in developing a range of gluten-free products with excellent taste and texture.

This allowed us to extend our Zero Problem range of gluten-free products. These products cater to the needs of a growing number of people, including those with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and consumers who prefer gluten-free products for their perceived health benefits. 

Additionally, our corporate R&D department developed V-Go! a range of vegan alternatives for products including cake, custard cream, and other types of fillings, and a vegan version of whipped cream.

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Product Quality & Safety

We applied for full membership of SEDEX, one of the world’s leading platforms for monitoring and managing businesses’ ethical and environmental impact.

This means we will submit to rigorous monitoring of our own business practices, starting with our main site in the Netherlands. We will also have access to data on suppliers, which will allow us to make informed decisions that contribute to a more responsible supply chain.

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