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Taste, Texture and extended
shelf life, the
added value of Hydrated Grains in Bread

Zeelandia UK is a leading supplier of hydrated, sprouted, and softened grains working with industrial bread manufacturers to introduce new and innovative products to the consumer market.

Andy Taylor, NPD Manager at Zeelandia UK  about the wide range of grains on offer and why multigrain, ancient, and British-sourced grains are becoming increasingly popular for consumers and manufacturers alike. 

“If you have recently taken a stroll down the bread aisle at your local supermarket, you may have noticed an increasing number of ‘multigrain’ and seeded breads and rolls on offer, and that’s no mistake.  

With a highly competitive bread market, industrial manufacturers are seeking ingredients that add value to their bread. Adding hydrated grain blends to bread formulas provides taste, texture, and a rustic appearance, making the bread stand out on supermarket shelves. In addition, from a consumer perspective, there are linked health benefits from grains and multi-seed products, with commonly used grains such as Barley and Oats associated with reduced cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and gut health. Sprouted grains also carry an additional benefit of improved digestion.  

At Zeelandia, many of our hydrated grain blends, which include Red Rye and Barley are sourced from UK farmers which offers additional provenance claims for our customers. This allows them to highlight the British heritage. We can even take our customers to the fields to see the grains being grown. These grains are then stabilised by the natural sourdough and ready to use in the production process.

Another benefit linked to the popularity of hydrated grain products is that the grains help the crumb stay fresh and moist, offering additional shelf-life and potentially reducing wastage.

Our customers have a wider desire to try a variety of grains in their bread, often combining grains to produce new formulas, and applying across other products such as rolls.  Whether mixing different blends or adapting dosing for a unique crumb texture, we can support this process, including testing at our Technical Centre or on customer production lines.”

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Taste, Texture and extended shelf life, the added value of Hydrated Grains in Bread