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The Food and Drinks
Federation visit
the wonderful world of Zeelandia UK

As a member organisation, we were delighted to invite the Food and Drink Federation team, including Karen Betts, CEO of the FDF, down to our Colchester Technical Centre to learn more about Zeelandia UK.

For over 100 years, the Food and Drinks Federation (FDF) has been a powerful voice for the UK’s diverse food and drink manufacturing industry, supporting over 1,000 members to drive policy improvements across health, food safety, sustainability, trade, exports and employment.   

During the visit, we discussed the challenges and opportunities in the UK food manufacturing supply chain. We showcased how our talented teams in the UK and in our parent company the Royal Zeelandia Group have worked tirelessly over the past five years to continually innovate our products and provide technical solutions to commercial bakers.  

David Amos, Managing Director at Zeelandia UK, said; 

“It is very important for us to be a member of the Food and Drinks Federation because it brings the whole of the Food industry together to share knowledge and expertise while allowing us to adopt  appropriate standards and requirements to support customers and partners.” 


Following a tour of the Technical Centre, the team got a chance to get their hands floury with some focaccia baking and doughnut piping, as our NPD manager Andrew Taylor demonstrated how we typically work with industrial customers to test new ingredients.  

The day finished with a Mince Pie tasting session, where the team shared how we look around the globe to identify the latest flavour and recipe trends to drive innovation in taste and texture for our customers.  


Karen Betts, CEO at The Food and Drinks Federation, said; 

“We’ve had a perfect time down at Zeelandia UK today, finding out about their priorities and the challenges the baking industry is facing while also getting beneath the service to see how they support the bakers to create brilliant mince pies, delicious doughnuts, tasty breads and more.  


“Rightly, the food manufacturing industry is competitive, but many of the challenges we face, from supply chain issues to the cost-of-living crisis, are shared challenges. The more we understand the member companies, the better positioned we are to help and support them.” 


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The Food and Drinks Federation visit the wonderful world of Zeelandia UK