Butter Scone

A 50% concentrate for the production of scones.


Weight / Volume
16Kg bag


Recipe                                 %                 G

Butter Scone Concentrate      50        

Flour                                     50

Water                                    37  


Suggested levels of fruit addition:

Cherries - 250g per Kg of scone concentrate

Sultanas - 400g per Kg of scone concentrate



1.) Mix ingredients for 1 minute on slow speed then 1 minute on fast speed.

2.) Rest dough for 10 minutes

3.) Pin out and cut into shape

4.) Rest for a further 30-40 minutes 

5.) Glaze the scones

6.) Bake for 9-11 minutes (open dampers for 5 minutes, then close for the remaining baking time).  Bake at 225 Degrees Centigrade

Butter Scone