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Hidden Heart Cupcake

Give your customers a romantic surprise this Valentine's Day with these Hidden Heart Cupcakes using our fantastic Multi Cake Mix.
Hidden Heart Cupcake
Ingredients Kg Grams %
Red Sponge Hearts:
Multi Cake Mix 500 100
Vegetable oil 250 50
Whole egg 250 50
Red food colouring
Cupcake batter:
Multi Cake Mix 1 200 100
Vegetable oil 750 62.5
Whole egg 700 58.3
Total batter weight 3 650


Add all cupcake ingredients to a mixer fitted with beater attachment

Beat together for 1 minute slow and 3 minutes on medium speed

Deposit into cupcake cases

Place a red sponge heart* (approx. 30mm diameter) upright in the centre of the batter of each cupcake

Bake at 200°C for 20-22 minutes

Cool in the cases

Top with a swirl of pink buttercream and sprinkles


Baker’s Tip

*For the hearts

Mix all ingredients as for the recipe

Deposit into a lined tray (20x30cm)

Bake at 180ºC for 20mins

Cool in tray, trim top crust

Use a 30mm (approx) heart-shaped cutter to cut 40 hearts