Taste & Texture

Taste & Texture

Explore the World of Taste & Texture with our Silkgrain and Bread Mixes


Our teams use first class technical expertise to help our customers develop products which are tailored to local tastes and needs.

We blend international insights and clever ideas to help create the next big thing in bakery ingredients.

If you are looking for adventure, then partner with Zeelandia. We are ready to explore with you!

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Bread doesn’t have to be boring!


Bread should be full of flavour and juicy textures. But, simply adding grains and seeds to a recipe draws moisture from the crumb, making the bread dry in just a few hours.

We never stop exploring at Zeelandia so we’ve developed a unique process where all of our textures are softened gently at controlled temperatures.

It’s a delicate process which takes the right amount of time, temperature, and moisture.

Here at Zeelandia we complete the whole process for you!

Simply open the sachet…

The benefit of our Silkgrain


Silkgrain adds more freshness for longer to your bread by keeping it hydrated. It also adds a delicious bite, texture and appearance.

YOU can then decide how much seed or grain should be in the crumb. You can combine two or more Silkgrain products or even use them in conjunction with other mixes.

It’s the ultimate in convenience.


Softened Grains & Seeds

  • Succulent & tasty
  • Convenient
  • Clean label
  • Improves shelf life


Sprouted Textures

  • Easier to digest
  • High in fibre
  • Nutritious
  • Flavoursome


Plant-based range

  • Vegan 'friendly'
  • Vegetables & pulses
  • Flavoursome
  • High in fibre

Ask about our ‘Golden Standards’ and ‘Ancient Grains’ too!

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The interest in unusual ingredients in bread is rising – consumers love variety with plenty of taste, texture, freshness and aroma.

Seeds & grains are available as Silkgrain (softened in natural sourdough) or as a conventional Bread Mix.

Our technical team are ready to take you on a trip around the globe with their product knowledge and market insight. Partner with us to create winning solutions for your customers.

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