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Looking for Chocolate alternatives?
Immerse yourself
in a world of Indulgent bakery fillings

Across the world, bakers and food service alike are grappling with the impact of the rising cost of cocoa, as the International Cocoa Organisation predicts a global cocoa supply decline of 11% over the 2023 / 2024 season due to climate challenges. 

With higher ingredient and production costs, many bakers and food service professionals are forced to increase prices on sweet bakery goods or accept lower margins, while others look to reduce their range of chocolate-based desserts.  

At Zeelandia UK, we understand that the world of indulgent fillings stretches far beyond chocolate, as Pam Ashall, NPD Manager for fillings explains;   

With the growing concern over rising cocoa prices, Summer might be the perfect time for UK bakeries and food service professionals to experiment with recipes, using alternative fillings and flavours that offer similar levels of indulgence, but remain cost-effective while delighting and surprising consumer taste buds.  

Fruit fillings such as raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, or apricot are a great alternative, adding natural sweetness and tanginess to your doughnuts, cakes, and pastries. Colours and flavours can also highlight seasonal trends, such as sweet strawberry in the summer, apple and blackcurrant in the autumn, and rich dark cherry in winter.  

In a recent demonstration, we showcased how John Morley ready-to-use fruit fillings can be a perfect chocolate sauce replacement for food service, adding flavour to milkshakes, cheesecakes, ice cream, pancakes, layered desserts and waffles.

Jam is another popular alternative for bakers, and we are seeing a lot of creativity looking beyond classic mixed fruit or raspberry flavours. Pineapple jam, for example, could be injected into a coconut muffin to add an on-trend and highly indulgent cocktail twist, or Sicilian lemon curd could be used to add a delicious twist to the classic Victoria sponge.

Its not all about fruit, and perhaps a more obvious alternative replacement to chocolate is Caramel. Use as a filling to add a luxurious mouthfeel and creamy, buttery, sweetness to muffins, doughnuts and tray bakes, or swirl through frosting to add visual appeal and an extra hit of flavour. Now found in everything from confectionery to cocktails, salted caramel is always a popular choice in the autumn and winter when the long nights and cold weather drive consumer demand to nostalgic flavour profiles. However, the spectrum of caramel flavours available is continuing to grow with the addition of cinnamon, ginger and even miso allowing bakers to choose the option best suited to their specific customer base and recipe ideas. 

Zeelandias indulgent filling range, which includes John Morleys delectable Fruit Fillings, Flemings Jams & Curds, Jellies, Caramel & Mincemeat can be found at leading bakery wholesalers, and can also be tailored to specific customer requirements. 

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Looking for Chocolate alternatives? Immerse yourself  in a world of Indulgent bakery fillings