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Maritozzo – the Roman
Sweet Bun
captivating the creativity of UK bakers!

Zeelandia UK explores a modern twist with the Italian Maritozzo in this inspired commercial baking recipe.

At Zeelandia UK, our bakers are always searching for new and exciting global bakery trends to test and demonstrate the versatility of our ingredients.

If you stroll across London’s finest bakeries, you might come across the Maritozzo, a light Roman soft sweet bun, often filled with whipped cream. 

What you might not know is that the popular Maritozzo or Maritozzi (plural), is that it is one of Italy’s oldest traditional desserts, often eaten during breakfast, and is considered the only sweet treat that can be eaten during Lent (without the whipped cream of course).  

Inspired by this on-trend dessert, our Test Baker, Courtenay Jones, developed a modern twist on the Roman classic – featuring Ube extract to give a distinctively nuttier, vanilla-like flavour.  

The recipe incorporates Zeelandia’s Gamma Select to make the brioche bun, and our Ovex RTU Glaze to glaze the brioche after proving and before baking.  

This was then dipped into a yellow-coloured white chocolate coating to contrast against our lilac Maritozzi and of course to match our corporate branding!If you’d like to learn more about the Zeelandia ingredients you can use to make tasty Maritozzi, get in touch with the team today.  

Maritozzo – the Roman Sweet Bun captivating the creativity of UK bakers!