Don’t waste tasty Hot Cross Buns – use the best ingredients for freshness over life!

As we approach Spring, Craft Bakers will be busy perfecting their morning good recipes to create tasty bakes for consumers this Easter, such as Danish Pastries, Fruit Breads, and of course the beloved Hot Cross Bun!

Last year, a survey commissioned by the world’s largest surplus food app Too Good To Go, uncovered that the average British person will buy 4.5 Hot Cross buns over easter weekend, but equally an estimated 10.5 million Hot Cross Buns would go to waste.


Zeelandia UK, which is renowned for providing high quality ingredients to Craft Bakers and Wholesalers, has created a video to show how bakers can bake perfect Hot Cross Buns and morning goods using their Sweet Dough Concentrate while creating less waste.  



Adam Davies, Test Baker at Zeelandia UK, said; “Our premium Sweet Dough Concentrate blend has a high yield and excellent process tolerance, which can keep Hot Cross Buns and other morning good fresher with improved shelf life, leading to less wastage for Craft Bakers. 


“Equally, consumers should think responsibly about how many delicious buns they will consume over the period – it is the smell that always gets me!”   


In the video tutorial, Adam talks through the process of mixing ingredients well to get a well-developed dough, resting, proofing and baking before adding a final glaze to make the perfect Hot Cross Bun.  


Zeelandia’s Sweet Dough Concentrate mixes start in volumes of 16kg can be purchased both directly and through key wholesalers such as Walker Humphrey’s and Bako.


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Don’t waste tasty Hot Cross Buns – use the best ingredients for freshness over life!