Silk Grain Barley

Zeelandia’s textural development combines barley and sourdough together for a wonderful combination of taste, texture and appearance. All products in the Silk Grain range are designed to be clean label.

How to use

Why Silk Grain Barley?

Using a ready to use product reduces production time in the bakery. Silk Grain products are stabilised by the natural sourdough and are E-free. During the production process the grains are bursting with sourdough flavour and by adding Silk Grain to bread formulas the crumb stays fresh and moist, for several days.

Dosing is flexible - you can decide how much grain should be in the crumb or combine two or more Silk Grain products in one bread. Simply add the Silk Grain product to other ingredients in the mixing bowl. Adding at the end of mixing helps protect the grains from damage.

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Silk Grain Barley