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Cake Doughnut NA

Just add water to produce a batter that can be deposited by either manual or automated systems. A short fry time and low fat absorption mean that these donuts are both tasty and economic to produce.

How to use


kg grms %
Cake Doughnut NA 10 000 100
Water 5 000 50
Total batter weight 15 000


Mix ingredients for 1 minute on slow (1st) speed

Then mix for 3 minutes on 2nd speed - batter temperature 24 °C

Leave to stand for 10 minutes

The mix is now ready to deposit

Deposit by means of machine, hand or auto, drop weight 35 - 40 grms

Oil temperature 180°C

Frying times approximately 1 minute each side


Bakers tip:


Add 5% cocoa powder and 5% extra water to make chocolate flavoured doughnuts

Add 3% cinnamon and 3% extra water for a cinnamon flavoured doughnut

Finish either with castor sugar or a very thin layer of water icing


Product Weight / Volume Code
Cake Doughnut NA 10kg bag 03159
Cake Doughnut NA